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Foliage Support Rings

Nancy Robitaille
As African violets get larger, leaves sometimes flop downward in an umbrella effect.  In order to support the leaves you can find Elisa's African Violet Support Rings in 6" size for minis and semis, 9" for African violets you are training for perfection and 13" for show plants.
The rings support the lower leaves allowing them to grow flat and form better symmetry.  These may be found at Cape Cod Violetry and a few other places advertised in the African Violet Magazine.

It is possible to make your own support rings right at home following these directions.

1. Buy plastic picnic plates.  Measure the pot for the correct size by placing it in the middle and tracing the circle.  Do not use paper plates since water spills may be absorbed and plates may lose their shapes.
2. Draw triangle shapes.
3. With a pair of scissors punch a hole in the middle and cut from the center to the beginning of round line.
4. This should be folded down slightly.
5. Bend triangular arrows back and force pot through.
6. Reinforce the foliage holders by taping points to the pot.
7. Write the name of the plant on the edge of the plastic plate.
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