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Welcome to our
African Violet Group

(page updated 8/20/2010) 
 100% of the Pages, Photos, and Info are open to non-members, so feel free to browse our pages!

Club Guidelines

Encouragement and fun
are the main emphasis and we ask that you have this same attitude in all you may contribute to this group.

 The purpose of The Violet Voice Group is to form a ‘virtual’ violet club to bring into friendly contact all who love African violets.

The club’s main goal will be to encourage education about every aspect of the plant and the enthusiastic application of the knowledge.

To that end, every effort will be made to remain on-topic in most discussions and projects. While casual chitchat of subjects other than violets is a part of our fun and our friendships, the sharing of individual experiences and emotions as relating to these wonderful little plants is encouraged!

Care should be taken to remain friendly to all members, to make sure all contributions are helpful and cheerful, and, above all, to promote the fun involved in African violets!

It is left up to individual members how they choose to play out their roles in this group. Active participation will give much fun, but ‘lurking’ is also encouraged, if Life does not allow the time for more. Please check the Club Activities page for Member Opportunities.

Our mission as an AVSA affiliate is "to provide a convenient association for people interested in African violets, promote distribution of all varieties and species among members and others interested in growing them, and publish reliable, practical information about plants and the organization." We value our affiliation with AVSA.  To comply with regulations concerning AVSA's non-profit status, we will not include group-sponsored activities, discussions or endorsements of subjects such as religion, politics, and controversial subjects such as pro-life, etc.

The moderators of this group envision a unique approach to an on-line group. Every effort will be made to provide unusual and enjoyable activities.  All features of this group that parallel other groups' activities is unintentional and not of a malicious nature. We are not in competition with other groups and forums.  Indeed, we welcome any group who would like to participate in any of our activities.  If your group would like to do so, please contact us at thevioletvoice @

Important pages for all members and prospective members:

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We are proud to be an affiliate of The African Violet Society of America.  All African violet enthusiasts are encouraged to join this worthy organization.  The African Violet Magazine is a beautifully printed educational collection of photos and articles.  The web site contains FAQs, photos, articles from the AVM, local club and vendor much more!

TheVioletVoice group, managers, charter members, or individual members are not responsible for content featured on linked sites, or the advertising imposed by YUKU, Blogger,and etc. and do not warrant all information posted here is correct, complete or current.

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