One Last Drawing for Free Plants

In the past, I hosted a MailMan Drawing in the past...
Let's do it one last time!

The mail count is scheduled again this year, with the number of mail pieces delivered  will help determine my mail man's salary.
So, here are the rules. My mailing and email address are included in the pdf file ... for web security.

Spring 2018  AV Box Drawing
I want to help my wonderful mailman during his two weeks of 'Mail Count' which determines his salary.  
So, I decided to host a drawing for FREE PLANTS!
1) There will be 5 entries drawn, each winning a box of 5 African violet starter plants, postage included!  Shipping will be by Priority USPS postage to continental USA addresses only.  Shipping will be when weather permits:  possible dates from March 15 to May 1st 2018.  Winners will be notified before shipping.
2) Entry is by sending a list of your first 5 choices of cultivars you want, and 5 substitutes.
First come, first serve.  Some cultivars are of limited quantity.  I will try to make sure winners get all their first choices.  : )
3) Send your list by First Class USPS letter.... 'snail mail' to:
(address in attached pdf )
4) Entries must be postmarked any date between/including Thursday, February 22nd and Thursday March 1st.
5) I will draw three entries, each wins 5 FREE starter plants with FREE postage included.
Winners will be announced on March 11th.  Winners must contact me with their email address and shipping address within one week, or the prize will be given to the next name drawn.
6) Questions? email: (email in attached pdf)
Available Cultivars are listed within the pdf, HERE.

Forum is Closing... will be expanded!

While the VV Forum is closing.... the many pages of information and educational discussions that are WORTHY of archive, will be saved.
The forum closure is effective April 1, 2018... and mid-summer, VioletVoice.Com will be online with expanded content.
There are many charts, articles, interviews from the original MSN group and from the Yuku forum that will be available.
THANKS to all who worked so many hours to create the FUN we had for fifteen years!!!!