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Fifteen Years of Our History!

Violet Voice began in 2001 as a 4 page newsletter I printed on my home printer! That first issue had a distribution of 25! In 2002... the recent issue of African Violet Magazine gave the info for an African Violet Newsgroup.... and I discovered there were several online forums/groups ... all about African violets. WOW!
I opened a MSN group called The Violet Voice, as a place to share photos of my violets... Laurie was the first member, and soon there were 36 members! I would like to GIVE CREDIT to those first Charter Members, whom I count as Real Life Friends!

Our first Violet of the Month winner!

By 2003, we were holding a Violet of the Month contest, planning our first Virtual Violet Show, and there were so many posts, it was hard to keep up each day. We began to assign duties to other moderators and administrators. Soon, it took the pages of three group sites to contain all our information, discussion and projects! Our membership in 2008 numbered 795.

Look at all our pages, group projects, games, and experiments:

We evenutally made many improvements while on Yuku.

In 2009, MSN closed our group, so we moved to Yuku. Yuku did not allow us as many ways to host our group projects and unique games. But with the help of a HUGE group of talented moderators and administrators, we grew! Our membership grew to 860.

When our group was moved to Tapatalk, we found the format clumsy and hard to navigate. We had even fewer options for organizing our messageboards.

Now, in 2018, it is time to say goodbye!

SPECIAL THANKS go to JanCarol, Anabel ( Sparkles ), LouiseT , LaurenW , and loyal members Genn ( LeviathanGirl ), Debbylvsviolets , Eileen ( Imadigger ), Violet ( sumirevbd ), Cheryldachs , Susan ( SneIrish ), Susan (susiebell), SusanInNorthGA, Verleen, Susan, BonnyS, AlanaC, and LaurieW.

There are active FaceBook groups to share your African violet fun! Join the AV Brat Pack ( ) if you prefer a more traditional format.

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Forum is Closing... will be expanded!

While the VV Forum is closing.... the many pages of information and educational discussions that are WORTHY of archive, will be saved. The forum closure is effective April 1, 2018... and mid-summer, VioletVoice.Com will be online with expanded content. There are many charts, articles, interviews from the original MSN group and from the Yuku forum that will be available. THANKS to all who worked so many hours to create the FUN we had for fifteen years!!!!

Sign Up for UPDATES... and check back this summer!

Violet Voice information, articles, interviews, hybridizer profiles, etc. WILL be archived online .... I've begun a new WordPress site and hope to have it online this summer! If you would like to be notified when the new archive is ready to read: Subscribe to The Violet Voice Group You will receive an email from FeedBurner to confirm that you do indeed want to receive posts from this group. You will have to confirm that you do want to be added to our email list. I do not plan to post until I have the VV archive ready, and I don't see anyone's emails, so it won't create spam for your inbox! We also have a Facebook page, if you wish to follow us there. Happy Violet-ing!